【映画「じんじん〜其の二〜」を観て by C.W.Nicol】











【A REVIEW OF FILM ‘JIN JIN 11’ by C.W.Nicol】

Firstly, the character of Ginzaburo, performed by Daichi Yasuo, was quite delightful and as far as I am concerned took over the whole film. His relationship with young Tetsuo was quite moving. The film itself gave us a really good mix of the scenes and atmosphere of contemporary rural Japan.

Having lived in the countryside of Shinshu (northern Nagano) since 1980, and travelled all over this country, I personally felt very much at home with scenes, sounds and all of the very real themes that were threaded through the whole film, indeed there were several lines and ideas that spring right out of my own life. I personally Cannot live in a large city, so I was very sympathetic with young Tetsuo’s dilemma in not wanting to take over his father’s chain restaurant business and needing to ‘find himself.’ The scenes of him learning his new forest job could easily be used to instruct new forestry workers.

Over the last few decades I have met so many young people who don’t know what to do with their lives, so I am sure that this story will touch them – as long as they have even a little interest in country life. It was a very good idea to make the young city boy’s immediate teacher a young, pretty and gutsy girl. Her conversations with the young man made me smile. Nowadays more and more young Japanese girls are turning to outdoor fieldwork, a trend that I applaud and support – you don’t have to be male to be tough , energetic and positive! This film should appeal to all ages, but I especially hope that young urban folk will watch and be moved to try to live and work in the countryside, a move that all of society should encourage. I enjoyed ‘Jin Jin’ very much and felt that I could easily have stepped in as a character, because the film was close to my own life here in Japan.